Essential Question: What is the appropriateness of (the software you choose) to your students, your classroom and your unit?

I chose SurveyMonkey because I have heard of it, but never really used it. I usually make my quizzes in Google Forms. I found SurveyMonkey to be similar to Google Forms. I liked the options and the ease in making a five point capitalization and quotation quiz for my students. I also liked that I could assign points to each question. I made three questions multiple choice and two questions were short answers. I took the quiz myself. I was surprised when a screen popped up after I finished and said that I scored 100% because I knew that there were two questions that I (as the teacher) would still need to grade. I thought that it could get confusing for students because they could think that they got all the questions correct, but then get a lower score after the last two questions were graded at a later time. I think either I would not assign point values or I would make the entire quiz multiple choice or drop down questions/answers.

I could see using SurveyMonkey in my classroom and for my unit as a way for my students to take a pretest and post test. I would also use it as a way for my students to answer daily surveys on what they learned and their engagement levels. I could also use it to survey where students are on projects or writing. It would be a very quick and easy way to gauge who is struggling and needs support and who needs me to give them ways to extend their learning so they don’t finish too quickly.

SurveyMonkey was very easy to use, but I found finding help to my questions difficult. I had to go to the sitemap before I could find their help center. Once I found their help center, there were many different categories that I could use to make SurveyMonkey easier for me to use.


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