Week 8 Reflection

This week Heather and I hosted the Twitter chat. I enjoyed working with her on the questions. The Twitter chat went well and I believe that we were able to further our classmates knowledge about brain-based learning. I posted our chat to Storify for my classmates to review. Heather also commented on my blog about low-income students and their ability to learn. She told me to read about what Ruby Payne has to say about poverty and education, which I did. I wrote on Shauna’s blog about how I agreed with her that brain-based learning is not a one size fits all approach. The most exciting contact this week was with Kendra. After finishing her Master’s Degree, she is going to start a book club, starting with the book, Making Classrooms Better: 50 Practical applications of mind, brain and education science by Tracey Tokuhama-Espinosa. I asked if I could be apart of her book club and she said I could. I think it will be really fun and educational for me. I’m very excited about it!


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